Rent a Car in Islamabad Airport

Don’t take a chance when you have a flight to catch or an important business meeting to get to.

There’s nothing more frustrating than putting in hours on your presentation, only to arrive late to the meeting because you were unable to find a taxi. At Budget Car Hire Deals, we understand how important your time is – which is why we offer 24/7 customer service to ensure that we get you on your way on time.  Our dedicated Rent a Car in Islamabad Airport service is especially designed to meet the needs of our customers who want to hire or drop the car at the airport.

World class service – at local rates

With a Head Office in England, United Kingdom, Budget Car Hire Deals is the only British car hire company in Pakistan and offers reliable and affordable rent a car Islamabad Airport, saving you the hassle of finding a taxi – and saving you time.

When you rent a car in Islamabad Airport, we do the work for you to make sure that your journey goes without a hitch.  We have a number of different vehicles in our rent a car in Islamabad Airport range to suit every requirement and budget and, all of our cars are serviced and maintained by experts for safety and reliability.  We are the only car hire service in Pakistan that accepts card payments, and, every single payment is handled by the British bank to give you peace of mind.

As well as our car hire Islamabad Airport service, we have a number of other offices within Islamabad / Rawalpindi and all major cities of Pakistan – which means that, if you don’t want to risk taking a taxi to the airport, you can hire a car from one of our other outlets to make sure you make your flight in good time.  No fuss and low cost, you can simply check your hire car in to our office at Islamabad Airport and then check in for your flight.

At Budget Car Hire, we are also able to design bespoke deals for businesses to make sure that the right car is always available when you need it the most.  Whether you’re looking for weekly/monthly car hire or occasional use, we’ll find the right deal for you.

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